Sunday, 18 July 2010

Converge Jane 'Dough' Cake

Converge Jane 'Dough' Vegan Vanilla, Banana & Chocolate Cake
This was made as a thank you to Kurt from my Guitarist... This is cake I have enjoyed baking the most out of all of them so far...


Citizens Arrest Vegan Chocolate & Banana cake
This was made as a surprise for a friend for her birthday...

Slayer 'Raining Blood' cake & Cookies Of Death

Slayer 'Raining Blood' Chocolate cake
Cookies Of Death
This cake was made for the King himself for his birthday... When you cut into the cake it would 'Rain Blood'
The Cookies of death will send you into a chocolate coma...


Pettybone Vegan cake
Shamless self promotion? I think not. This was a cake I had baked as a surprise for my guitar players birthday.... &

EyeHateGod 'EyeHateCake'

EyeHateGod 'EyeHateCake' Vegan Chocolate & Banana
Made with real crack... leaving you coming back for more

Shreddin' Babies

I didn't bake this... In fact it took me two mins to ice it before I was late for a friends birthday dinner... Snake Plissken would be proud as it looks like a 6 year old did this

Kiss 'Gene' Diamond

Kiss 'Gene' Diamond Chocolate Cake

This was for my best friends birthday... It was suppost to be a Gene Simmons Cake... It ended up looking a cross between Gene and and King Diamond... So 'KISS DIAMOND' was born.

Black of the Blackest Metal

To get icing this black requires alot of effort

Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard
Vegan Marble & Banana

Judge 'Fudge' Chocolate Cake

So this is where it all started....
I joked with friend who was moving that I would bake him a Judge 'Fudge' cake...
As I never back down on my word... I did.